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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006A biologically motivated computational architecture inspired in the human immunological system to quantify abnormal behaviors to detect presence of intrudersFlorez Choque, Omar; Cuadros Vargas, Ernesto
2014ACM/IEEE-CS computer science curricula 2013: Implementing the final reportSahami, Mehran; Roach, Steve; Cuadros Vargas, Ernesto; Hawthorne, Elizabeth; Kumar, Amruth; LeBlanc, Richard; Reed, David; Seker, Remzi
2007An improve to human computer interaction, recovering data from databases through spoken natural languageFlorez Choque, Omar; Cuadros Vargas, Ernesto
2012Computer science curriculum 2013: Reviewing the strawman report from the ACM/IEEE-CS task forceSahami, Mehran; Roach, Steve; Cuadros Vargas, Ernesto; Reed, David
2007DB-GNG: A constructive self-organizing map based on densityOcsa, Alexander; Bedregal, Carlos; Cuadros Vargas, Ernesto
2007DBM*-Tree: An efficient metric acces methodOcsa, Alexander; Cuadros Vargas, Ernesto
2013Evolution of the Computing Curricula for Computer Science in Latin America 2013Cuadros Vargas, Ernesto; Silva Sprock, Antonio; Delgado Castillo, Danet; Hernández Bieliukas, Yosly; Collazos, Cesar
2007Improving human computer interaction through spoken natural languageFlorez Choque, Omar; Cuadros Vargas, Ernesto
2005Introduction to the SAM-S M* and MAM-S M* familiesCuadros Vargas, Ernesto; Romero, Francelin
2014ITiCSE: The next decadePears, Arnold; Clear, Alison; Cassel, Lillian; Cuadros Vargas, Ernesto; Dagiene, Valentina; Laxer, Carie
2011MFSRank: An unsupervised method to extract keyphrases using semantic informationEnrique López, Roque; Barreda, Dennis; Tejada, Javier; Cuadros Vargas, Ernesto
2006Using large databases and self-organizing maps without tearsBedregal, Carlos; Cuadros Vargas, Ernesto