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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Beamforming echo-localization system using multitone excitation signalsPareja-Contreras, Josue; Sotomayor Polar, Manuel; Zenteno Bolaños, Efrain
2017Digital Predistortion for Joint Mitigation of I/Q Imbalance and MIMO Power Amplifier DistortionAhmed Khan, Zain; Zenteno Bolaños, Efrain; Händel, Peter; Isaksson, Magnus
2017Estudio del canal PLC (power line communications) para envío de datos a bajo costo en redes eléctricas domiciliariasApaza Mamani, Víctor Alfredo
2018Extraction of the Third-Order 3 ×3 MIMO Volterra Kernel Outputs Using Multitone SignalsZain Ahmed, Khan; Zenteno Bolaños, Efrain; Händel, Peter; Isaksson, Magnus
2017High-Speed audio communications in domestic power line channelsApaza-Mamani, Victor; Zenteno Bolaños, Efrain
2017MIMO Subband Volterra Digital Predistortion for Concurrent Aggregated Carrier CommunicationsZenteno Bolaños, Efrain; Ronnow, Daniel
2020Modular low-cost RF instrumentation to detect arsenic ions in waterQuispe Huamani, Wilbert Jonathan
2017Multitene design for third order MIMO volterra kernelsZain Ahmed, Khan; Zenteno Bolaños, Efrain; Händel, Peter; Isaksson, Magnus
2016Pilot tone aided measurements to extend the bandwidth of radio frequency applicationsZenteno Bolaños, Efrain; Isaksson, Magnus; Händel, Peter
2009Robust voice activity detection algorithm using spectrum estimation and dynamic thresholdingZenteno Bolaños, Efrain; Sotomayor Polar, Manuel Gustavo
2016Using Intrinsic Integer Periodicity to Decompose the Volterra Structure in Multi-Channel RF TransmitterZenteno Bolaños, Efrain; Zain Ahmed, Khan; Isaksson, Magnus; Händel, Peter
2018Woven Antennas Fabrication: Conductive Linen and Conductive Cloth Technologies ComparisonsParedes Choque, Alexander Paul; Zenteno Bolaños, Efrain