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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Unsupervised detection of disturbances in 2D radiographsEstacio, Laura; Mora, Rensso; Moritz, Ehlke; Lamecker, Hans; Tack, Alexander; Zachow, Stefan; Castro, Eveling
2021ICE: A visual analytic tool for interactive clustering ensembles generationCastro-Ochante, J.; Camara-Chavez, G.; Gomez-Nieto, E.
2021Political discourses, ideologies, and online coalitions in the Brazilian Congress on Twitter during 2019García-Sánchez, E.; Benetti, P.R.; Higa, G.L.; Alvarez, M.C.; Gomez-Nieto, E.
2021AutoImplant 2020-First MICCAI Challenge on Automatic Cranial Implant DesignLi, Jianning; Pimentel, Pedro; Szengel, Angelika; Ehlke, Moritz; Lamecker, Hans; Zachow, Stefan; Estacio, Laura; Doenitz, Christian; Ramm, Heiko; Shi, Haochen; Chen, Xiaojun; Matzkin, Franco; Newcombe, Virginia; Ferrante, Enzo; Jin, Yuan; Ellis, David G.; Aizenberg, Michele R.; Kodym, Oldrich; Spanel, Michal; Herout, Adam; Mainprize, James G; Fishman, Zachary; Hardisty, Michael R.; Bayat, Amirhossein; Shit, Suprosanna; Wang, Bomin; Liu, Zhi; Eder, Matthias; Pepe, Antonio; Gsaxner, Christina; Alves, Victor; Zefferer, Ulrike; von Campe, Gord; Pistracher, Karin; Schafer, Ute; Schmalstieg, Dieter; Menze, Bjoern H.; Glocker, Ben; Egger, Jan
2021A Comparison of Machine Learning Classifiers for Water-Body Segmentation Task in the PeruSAT-1 ImageryHuauya, R.; Moreno, F.; Peña, J.; Dianderas, E.; Mauricio, A.; Díaz, J,
2021CrimAnalyzer: Understanding Crime Patterns in Sao PauloGarcia, Germain; Silveira, Jaqueline; Poco, Jorge; Paiva, Afonso; Nery, Marcelo Batista; Silva, Claudio T.; Adorno, Sergio; Nonato, Luis Gustavo
2021Urban Perception: Can We Understand Why a Street Is Safe?Moreno-Vera, Felipe; Lavi, Bahram; Poco, Jorge
2021Understanding safety based on urban perceptionMoreno-Vera, F.
2021Ontoslam: An ontology for representing location and simultaneous mapping information for autonomous robotsCornejo-Lupa, M.A.; Cardinale, Y.; Ticona-Herrera, R.; Barrios Aranibar, D.; Andrade, M.; Diaz-Amado, J.
2021A multi-modal visual emotion recognition method to instantiate an ontologyA. Heredia, Juan Pablo; Cardinale, Yudith; Dongo, Irvin; Díaz-Amado, Jose
2009Novel approaches for exclusive and continuous fingerprint classificationMontoya Zegarra, Javier; Paulo Papa, Joao; Leite, Neucimar; da Silva Torres, Ricardo; Falcao, Alexandre
2010Unsupervised WSD by finding the predominant sense using context as a dynamic thesaurusTejada Cálrcamo, Javier; Calvo, Hiram; Gelbukh, Alex; Hara, Kazuo
2007An improve to human computer interaction, recovering data from databases through spoken natural languageFlorez Choque, Omar; Cuadros Vargas, Ernesto
2009Model checking LTL formulae in RAISE with FDRParisaca Vargas, Abigail; Gabriela Garis, Ana; Tapia Tarifa, Silvia Lizeth; George, Chris
2008A translation from RSL to CSPParisaca Vargas, Abigail; Tapia Tarifa, Silvia Lizeth; George, Chris
2007DB-GNG: A constructive self-organizing map based on densityOcsa, Alexander; Bedregal, Carlos; Cuadros Vargas, Ernesto
2007Rotation-invariant and scale-invariant steerable pyramid decomposition for texture image retrievalMontoya Zegarra, Javier; Leite, Neucimar; da Silva Torres, Ricardo
2008Combining global with local texture information for image retrieval applicationsMontoya Zegarra, Javier; Beeck, Jan; Jerônimo Leite, Neucimar; da Silva Torres, Ricardo; Falcao, Alexandre
2006A biologically motivated computational architecture inspired in the human immunological system to quantify abnormal behaviors to detect presence of intrudersFlorez Choque, Omar; Cuadros Vargas, Ernesto
2007Improving human computer interaction through spoken natural languageFlorez Choque, Omar; Cuadros Vargas, Ernesto
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 94