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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20112-STCg optical multicast traffic grooming node for the fishbone-like Peruvian WDM core networkNereida, Llerena; Fernández Del Carpio, Gonzalo
20162015 7th IEEE Latin-American Conference on Communications, LATINCOM 2015: ForewordFernández Del Carpio, Gonzalo
20182017 IEEE Latin American Conference on Computational Intelligence (LA-CCI)Túpac Valdivia, Yván Jesús
20213D medical image segmentation based on 3D convolutional neural networksMarquez Herrera, Alejandra
2006A biologically motivated computational architecture inspired in the human immunological system to quantify abnormal behaviors to detect presence of intrudersFlorez Choque, Omar; Cuadros Vargas, Ernesto
2020A categorization of simultaneous localization and mapping knowledge for mobile robotsCornejo Lupa, Maria Alejandra
2021A Comparison of Machine Learning Classifiers for Water-Body Segmentation Task in the PeruSAT-1 ImageryHuauya, R.; Moreno, F.; Peña, J.; Dianderas, E.; Mauricio, A.; Díaz, J,
2018A deep learning approach for sentiment analysis in Spanish TweetsVizcarra Aguilar, Gerson; Mauricio, Antoni; Mauricio, Leonidas
2011A GH-SOM optimization with SOM labelling and dunn indexBokan Garay, Alessandro; Ponce Contreras, Guillermo; Patiño Escarcina, Raquel
2012A graph-based approach for transcribing ancient documentsMeza Lovón, Graciela Lecireth
2021A Low-Cost IoT Platform for Heat Stress Monitoring in Dairy CattleChoquehuanca-Zevallos, J.J.; Mayhua-Lopez, E.
2018A method based on rf spectral featuresfor evaluating the porosity degree in ceramic materialsSanchez Suarez, Rudy Marcelino
2021A Methodological Approach to the Learning of Robotics with EDUROSC-KidsPatiño-Escarcina, Raquel E.; Barrios-Aranibar, Dennis; Bernedo-Flores, Liz S;; Alsina, Pablo Javier; Gonçalves, Luiz M.G.
2021A multi-modal emotion recogniser based on the integration of multiple fusion methodsHeredia Parillo, Juanpablo Andrew
2021A multi-modal visual emotion recognition method to instantiate an ontologyA. Heredia, Juan Pablo; Cardinale, Yudith; Dongo, Irvin; Díaz-Amado, Jose
2015A new boosting design of Support Vector Machine classifiersMayhua López, Efraín; Gómez Verdejo, Vanessa; Figueiras Vidal, Aníbal
2016A New Improvement of Human Bodies DetectionCervantes Jilaja, Claudia; Tejada Begazo, Maria; Patiño Escarcina, Raquel Esperanza; Barrios Aranibar, Dennis
2013A New Method for Static Video Summarization Using Local Descriptors and Video Temporal SegmentationCayllahua Cahuina, Edward; Camara Chavez, Guillermo
2017A new parallel training algorithm for optimum-path forest-based learningCulquicondor, Aldo; Castelo Fernández, Cesar; Paulo Papa, Joao
2017A nonlinear model to estimate nitrogen level in agricultural soil using Gaussian kernelsSánchez Mora, Katty; Zuñiga Gutierrez, María; Mayhua López, Efraín Tito