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    Single-sex schooling and coeducation: The continuation of the debate and the defence of science [Education diferenciada y coeducation: Continuar el debate y proteger la ciencia]
    (Universidad Internacional de la Rioja, 2017) Gordillo Cisneros, Enrique Gino
    In the context of the current debate regarding the best school setting (single-sex schooling v. coeducation) several advocates of coeducation have published emblematic papers that implicitly suggest that the debate should be considered as finished and that further research regarding this topic is not needed. This essay aims to refute the combined arguments of those articles using methodological and empirical facts, and show that the debate about this question and research into it should not be seen as complete, but instead should be promoted. At the same time, the essay identifies certain features in the aforementioned articles that present a risk of distorting science by moving towards arguments of an ideological nature, and it underlines the problem this represents for the debate itself and for science in general. The article does not seek to defend single-sex education, only the need for further research into it.