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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Bird sound spectrogram decomposition through Non-Negative Matrix Factorization for the acoustic classification of bird speciesLudeña Choez, Jimmy Diestin; Quispe Soncco, Raisa; Gallardo Antolín, Ascención
2017Design and implementation of a body coupled communication system for streaming musicMurillo Arenas, Giancarlo; Cartagena Gordillo, Alex
2017Design factors in multicast service delivery using the optical layer in core and metro networksLarrabeiti, David; Fernández Del Carpio, Gonzalo; Otero, Gabriel; Ruiz Piñar, Francisco Javier
2017Beamforming echo-localization system using multitone excitation signalsPareja-Contreras, Josue; Sotomayor Polar, Manuel; Zenteno Bolaños, Efrain
2017Analysis of sound propagation for outdoor emergency speakers networksRosas Bermejo, Esther; Rafael Valdivia, Guillermo; Paucar Curasma, Ronald
2018Sensor nodes fault detection for agricultural wireless sensor networks based on NMFLudeña Choez, Jimmy Diestin; Choquehuanca Zevallos, Juan José; Mayhua López, Efraín Tito
2018An alternative method based on RF to classify porous ceramic materialsChoquehuanca Zevallos, Juan José; Huaman-Mamani, F.A.; Mayta Ponce, Denis Leonardo; Ludeña Choez, Jimmy Diestin
2016Acoustic Event Classification using spectral band selection and Non-Negative Matrix Factorization-based featuresLudeña Choez, Jimmy; Gallardo Antolín, Ascensión
2018Omnidirectional compact dual-band antenna based on dual-frequency unequal split ring resonators for WLAN and WiMAX applicationsCastillo Araníbar, Patricia Raquel; Garcia Lamperez, Alejandro; Segovia Vargas, Daniel
2018Design and implementation of a low cost particulate material transducerPalo Tejada, Ernesto; Campos Falcon, Victoria; Huanca Cayo, Eber