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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Multispectral images segmentation using fuzzy probabilistic local cluster for unsupervised clusteringMantilla, Luis; Yari Ramos, Yessenia Deysi
2017A new parallel training algorithm for optimum-path forest-based learningCulquicondor, Aldo; Castelo Fernández, Cesar; Paulo Papa, Joao
2018Tunki project: Wetland remote sensing using satellite images and high performance computingMamani Aliaga, Alvaro; Yari Ramos, Yessenia Deysi; Apaza Veliz, Ronald; Aco Cardenas , Pablo Yanyachi
2015Toward RDF NormalizationTicona Herrera, Regina; Tekli, Joe; Chbeir, Richard; Laborie, Sébastien; Dongo, Irvin; Guzman, Renato
2016Pytos: A Framework for Mobile Computation Offloading in PythonSoto Mendoza, Enrique Arturo; da Conceicao, Arlindo; Mamani Aliaga, Alvaro; Vieira, Dario
2017Tangible user interfaces characterization (TUIC)Ticona Herrera, Regina Paola; Riviere, Guillaume; Couture, Nadine; Fleck, Sthépnaie
2017Multispectral images segmentation using new fuzzy cluster centroid modifiedMantilla, Luis; Yari Ramos, Yessenia Deysi
2017FP-AK-QIEAR-R in protein folding applicationChire Saire, Josimar Edinson; Túpac Valdivia, Yván Jesús
2017Multiprocessor task scheduling on heterogeneous environments by a Hybrid Chemical Reactions OptimizationNúñez-Humán, Jonathan Alexander; Túpac Valdivia, Yván Jesús
2015Region-based image retrieval using color and texture features on irregular regions of interestVelazco Paredes, Yuber; Flores Quispe, Roxana; Patiño Escarcina, Raquel Esperanza