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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A study on residents willingness to pay for personal carbon trading and relevant factorsZhou, Kui; Jia, San; Kondo, Akio; Konbdo, Akiko; Cartagena Gordillo, Alex
2015Feature extraction based on the high-pass filtering of audio signals for Acoustic Event ClassificationLudeña Choez, Jimmy; Gallardo Antolín, Ascensión
2016Pilot tone aided measurements to extend the bandwidth of radio frequency applicationsZenteno Bolaños, Efrain; Isaksson, Magnus; Händel, Peter
2017Pulse design for reducing intercarrier interference in FBMCMadariaga Charaja, Alejandra Ximena; Cartagena Gordillo, Alex
2017Designing a complementary system of authentication base on galvanic body communicationCorrea Zúñiga, Eduardo; Cartagena Gordillo, Alex
2017Methodology for modeling and implementation of RF power amplifiersRafael Valdivia, Guillermo; Ruelas Galdós, Hernán; Salinas Roque, Ricardo
2017Vehicle location system and monitoring as a tool for citizen safety using wireless sensor networkPostigo Malaga, Mauricio; Supo Colquehuanca, Elvis; Matta Hernandez, Jorge; Pari, Lizardo; Mayhua López, Efraín Tito
2016Using Intrinsic Integer Periodicity to Decompose the Volterra Structure in Multi-Channel RF TransmitterZenteno Bolaños, Efrain; Zain Ahmed, Khan; Isaksson, Magnus; Händel, Peter
2013NMF-based temporal feature integration for acoustic event classificationLudeña Choez, Jimmy Diestin; Gallardo Antolín, Ascensión
20112-STCg optical multicast traffic grooming node for the fishbone-like Peruvian WDM core networkNereida, Llerena; Fernández Del Carpio, Gonzalo