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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A New Method for Static Video Summarization Using Local Descriptors and Video Temporal SegmentationCayllahua Cahuina, Edward; Camara Chavez, Guillermo
2013A study on residents willingness to pay for personal carbon trading and relevant factorsZhou, Kui; Jia, San; Kondo, Akio; Konbdo, Akiko; Cartagena Gordillo, Alex
2013NMF-based temporal feature integration for acoustic event classificationLudeña Choez, Jimmy Diestin; Gallardo Antolín, Ascensión
2013Mixed Integer Optimization for Layout ArrangementGomez Nieto, Erick; Casaca, Wallace; Gustavo Nonato, Luis; Taubin, Gustavo
2013Assertion role in a hybrid link prediction approach through probabilistic ontologyArmada, Marcius; Revoredo, Kate; Luna, J.; Cozman, F.
2013Structural and semantic similarity for XML comparisonGuzman, Renato; Dongo, Irvin; Ticona Herrera, Regina
2013NMF-Based Spectral Analysis for Acoustic Event Classification TasksLudeña Choez, Jimmy Diestin; Gallardo Antolín, Ascensión
2013Compact triplexer with open ring resonators as microstrip trisection bandpass filters for asymmetric responseCastillo Araníbar, Patricia Raquel; Rodriguez Postigo, Paolo Alexander; Garcia Lamperez, Alejandro; Segovia Vargas, Daniel
2013Evolution of the Computing Curricula for Computer Science in Latin America 2013Cuadros Vargas, Ernesto; Silva Sprock, Antonio; Delgado Castillo, Danet; Hernández Bieliukas, Yosly; Collazos, Cesar
2013Corrosion behaviour of carbon and stainless steels in biodiesel, B5 blend and S500 diesel under storage conditionsCavalcanti, E.; Pacheco, H.