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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Woven Antennas Fabrication: Conductive Linen and Conductive Cloth Technologies ComparisonsParedes Choque, Alexander Paul
2018Sensor nodes fault detection for agricultural wireless sensor networks based on NMFLudeña Choez, Jimmy Diestin; Choquehuanca Zevallos, Juan José; Mayhua López, Efraín Tito
2018High-resolution generative adversarial neural networks applied to histological images generationMauricio, Antoni; López, Jorge; Huauya, Roger; Diaz Rosado, Jose Carlos
2018An alternative method based on RF to classify porous ceramic materialsChoquehuanca Zevallos, Juan José; Huaman-Mamani, F.A.; Mayta Ponce, Denis Leonardo; Ludeña Choez, Jimmy Diestin
2018Time-series prediction with BEMCA approach: Application to short rainfall seriesRodriguez Rivero, Cristian; Túpac Valdivia, Yván Jesús; Pucheta, Julian; Juarez, Gustavo; Franco, Leonardo; Otaño, Paula
2018Deep neural network approaches for Spanish sentiment analysis of short textsOchoa Luna, José; Ari, Disraeli
2018Abnormal event detection in video using motion and appearance informationMenejes Palomino, Neptalí; Cámara Chávez, Guillermo
2018AL-DDoS attack detection optimized with genetic algorithmsQuequezana Buendia, Jan Camilo; Santisteban Pablo, Julio Omar
2018An enhanced triplet CNN based on body parts for person re-identificacionDurand Espinoza, Jonathan; Camara Chavez, Guillermo; Hinojosa Torres, Geraldine
2018A deep learning approach for sentiment analysis in Spanish TweetsVizcarra Aguilar, Gerson; Mauricio, Antoni; Mauricio, Leonidas