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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Creep properties of polycrystalline Al2O3 – Based ceramic compositesHuamán Mamani, Fredy; Jiménez Melendo, Manuel
2015Design of network infrastructure of a cloud data center for use in health sectorTalavera Ormeño, Chris; Santisteban Pablo, Julio Omar
2017Digital Predistortion for Joint Mitigation of I/Q Imbalance and MIMO Power Amplifier DistortionAhmed Khan, Zain; Zenteno Bolaños, Efrain; Händel, Peter; Isaksson, Magnus
2014Semantic Unlink Prediction in Evolving Social Networks through Probabilistic Description LogicArmada de Oliveira, Marcius; Cerqueira Revoredo, Kate; Ochoa Luna, José Eduardo
2017Forwarding of multicast packets with hybrid methods based on Bloom filters and shared trees in MPLS networksLarrabeiti, David; Urueña, Manuel
2015Feature extraction based on the high-pass filtering of audio signals for Acoustic Event ClassificationLudeña Choez, Jimmy; Gallardo Antolín, Ascensión
2016Dictionary-based sentiment analysis applied to specific domain using a web mining approachCruz Quispe, Laura Vanessa; Ochoa Luna, José Eduardo; Roche, Mathieu; Poncelet, Pascal
2017Essence-Based Clustering: A multi-strategic and highly-customizable clustering approachRodríguez Siu, Kevin Christian; Barrios Aranibar, Dennis; Patiño Escarcina, Raquel Esperanza
2016Effect of learning morphology on the visuospatial processing of chilean university students [Efecto del aprendizaje de morfología en el procesamiento visoespacial de estudiantes universitarios chilenos]López Velásquez, Norman Darío; Coronado López, Juan carlos; Soto Añari, Marcio Fernando; Ferrel Ortega, Fernándo Robert
2017Identification of PV system model for simulation of MPPT controllersHuanca Cayo, Eber; Palo Tejada, Ernesto; Campos Falcon, Victoria