Pulse design for reducing intercarrier interference in FBMC

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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
OFDM is widely used as a solution for broadband communications with multicarrier signals, but has disadvantages when it is used on certain applications especially in multiuser environments, where each user is assigned a subset of the system subcarriers. Although some researchers first investigated FBMC and then OFDM, FBMC recently has been recognized by the scientific community. In this article, we analyze why FBMC exceeds OFDM in terms of intercarrier interference, this interference is influenced by the filter used in FBMC and OFDM. The advantage of the former over the later is that you can design the pulse shape filter to reduce the inter-user interference, which is a big problem when you have multiple users; therefore FBMC is a solution for reducing this interference to not affect significantly to the subcarriers. © 2016 IEEE.