Diseño y planteamiento de una red OTNoDWDM con lambdas 100G en la Red Dorsal Nacional de Fibra Óptica, usando la tecnología AFEC para optimizar recursos

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Universidad Católica San Pablo
There has been a lot of research lately about next generation optical networks and how they can transport different bitrates and services over the same optical channel and more importantly, how new algorithms of different technologies could achieve to less CAPEX and OPEX. Specifically, forward error correction codes for 100 Gbps optical transmission is currently receiving much attention from network operators and ISPs. This document presents a brief study and comparison between different FEC schemes and how they can increment the span lengths between 3R nodes aiming to reduce the costs for network operators, when having to install different nodes, and to improve the bandwidth efficiency, which demand is raising tremendously nowadays. Once determined which is the best FEC code, a made-up implementation will be done on a network which has not been set yet in Peru (promoted by the government and FITEL), called "Red Dorsal Nacional de Fibra Óptica", comparing basic SDH over DWDM with OTN; this comparison will be made in economic and efficiency terms.