New horizons in philosophy of mind. Interview with Prof. Dan Zahavi [Nuevos horizontes en filosofía de la mente. Entrevista al Prof. Dan Zahavi]

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Universidad del Norte
The aim of this interview is to show the contributions of Dan Zahavi's phenomenology to some fundamental issues in philosophy of mind. The Danish philosopher expresses his interest to link phenomenology to other disciplines and talks about his latest project, dedicated to the intersubjective relation. He also explains his position with respect to the naturalization of phenomenology, the importance of developing a philosophy of mind from a first-person perspective, and the question of Husserlian idealism and his link with Putnam. On the other hand, he refers to how the study of psychiatric disorders contributes to philosophy, presents the proposal of the phenomenological tradition to sidestep the problems of internalism-externalism debate, and explains how his concept of self illuminates the classic discussion on mind and brain. Finally, Zahavi comments on the possibility of linking philosophy, science and religion. © 2018 Universidad del Norte. All rights reserved.