Multitene design for third order MIMO volterra kernels

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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
This paper proposes a technique for designing multitone signals that can separate the third order multiple input multiple output (MIMO) Volterra kernels. Multitone signals fed to a MIMO Volterra system yield a spectrum that is a permutation of the sums of the input signal tones. This a priori knowledge is used to design multitone signals such that the output from the MIMO Volterra kernels does not overlap in the frequency domain, hence making it possible to separate these kernels from the output of the MIMO Volterra system. The proposed technique is applied to a 2×2 RF MIMO transmitter to determine its dominant hardware impairments. For input crosstalk, the proposed method reveals the dominant self and cross kernels whereas for output crosstalk, the proposed method reveals that only the self kernels are dominant. © 2017 IEEE.