Psychometric computational thinking test

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Association for Computing Machinery
The recent widespread popularity of computational thinking (CT) has raised the need for a reliable method for assessing it. Recent CT tests focus on programming skills rather than the analytical ability and problem-solving processes in science, philosophy and other areas of knowledge. This poster presents the results (Test design) of an ongoing project that has developed a Psychometric Computational Thinking Test (PCTT) which has three phases: test design, test implementation and applying the test. In regards to the PCTT design, the reliability and validity of the test were based on content and construct validity which also includes its rating scales for its application. This work makes two contributions: (1) a standardized CT Test design incorporating psychometric techniques as well as computational techniques and (2) the inclusion of open-ended questions and their assessment with V of Aiken in order to validate responses. © 2018 Copyright held by the owner/author(s).