Complete cone symmetric temporary NAT

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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
The Network Address Translation (NAT) is a mechanism used almost for every user on the internet, primarily to alleviate the exhaustion of IPv4 address space by allowing multiple hosts to share a public/Internet address. The NAT allow to establish TCP communications if the communication start from internal NAT, but does not allow communication if it start from the public internet, external NAT. This is call The NAT traversal problems. It cause that communications among peers relay on a third intermediary computer for the whole communication. Been this a security issue as the third intermediary can get a copy of the communication and also make the communication slower as it need to go through the third computer. This is the case for any p2p, VoIP, live games among others internet applications. In this article we present a novel mechanism to establish a communication among peers in which peers are behind a NAT without using a third intermediary for the whole communication. © 2016 IEEE.