Implementation of sensory stimulation technology in an interactive room for the diffusion of wine making activities

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The present innovation project attempts to bolster the promotion and diffusion of wine-making activities through the introduction of 'dynamic sensory stimula- tion' technology (DSS). The first objective of this paper is to describe the implementation of an interactive loun- ge that uses this technology for the display of some or- ganoleptic characteristics of pisco and wine. DSS tech- nology is outfitted with synchronized equipment which provides the visitors with an integral, sensory experien- ce consisting of climatic stimulation, similar to the one of the vineyard (principally in regard to temperature and relative humidity); olfactory stimulation with dif- ferent aromas via a controlled spray (simulating the collection of smells associated with the processes of fer- mentation and distillation); scientific-gustatory stimu- lation (technical tasting); and audiovisual stimulation through images and sounds typical of a vineyard. The paper's second aim is to describe the perception and satisfaction level of the visitors of the interactive loun- ge. The results indicate that it is possible to utilize DSS technology in an interactive lounge in order to further the diffusion of wine-making activities in Arequipa, Peru.