"[The daily violence as a mechanism of social ascent. The case of Arequipa at the end of the viceroyalty. 1784-1824] [La violencia cotidiana como mecanismo de integración y ascenso social. El caso de Arequipa a fines del virreinato. 1784-1824]"

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University of Sevilla
This article analyzes the crime of insults framed in Arequipa society at the end of s. XVIII. Using some concepts of the social theory of Erving Goffman seeks study the political rationality behind the insults and the trials derived from them, pointing out how these mechanisms were used as means of social advancement in the city. This article also describes the archetype of citizen in Arequipa, in opposition to the social behaviors mislabeled in the causes of insults. © 2021 University of Sevilla. All rights reserved.