An enhanced triplet CNN based on body parts for person re-identificacion

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IEEE Computer Society
Person re-identificacion consists of reidentificating person through a set of images that is taken by different camera views. Despite recent advances in this field, this problem still remains a challenge due to partial occlusions, changes in illumination, variation in human body poses. In this paper, we present an enhanced Triplet CNN based on body-parts for person re-identification (AETCNN). We design a new model able to learn local body-part features and integrate them to produce the final feature representation of each input person. In addition, to avoid over-fitting due to the small size of the dataset, we propose an improvement in triplet assignment to speed up the convergence and improve performance. Experiments show that our approach achieves very promising results in (CUHK01) dataset and we advance state of the art, improving most of the results of the state of the art with a simpler architecture, achieving 76.50% in rank 1. © 2017 IEEE.